If you run a small hotel then we are the partner you’ve been looking for.

We’ll manage your online presence to grow your bookings and outshine your competitors, leaving you more time to look after your guests.


Hotels Shouldn’t Advertise.

Are you trying to operate your accommodation business and market it yourself, at the same time?

It’s not only impossible, it’s ineffective. When your energy is focused on managing every area of your guesthouse, B&B, hotel or apartment complex, it leaves little time for building your brand and online presence.

And while the  online travel agents (booking.com, Expedia and others) bring you reservations, how do you stand out when they promote your competitors rooms just as much as yours.

Getting online room bookings takes focus and digital marketing know-how. If you operate an independent hotel, guest-house or B&B, you have your hands full with check-in, check-out, maintenance, guest service, staff management and much more. Your time is already in high demand.

With all these responsibilities how do you make your business stand out online?

You don’t. We do.

We provide everything your hotel needs to thrive online with high impact,  done-for-you online marketing.


A modern, mobile-friendly website

A website tailored to your property, search-engine optimised and mobile-friendly. Get your guests booking straight away.

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Online advertisements where they’re needed the most

We’ll ensure that whenever and wherever your guests are planning their trip, they’ll be reminded of the features of your property by targeted online advertisements

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Online reviews master plan

Online reviews are a vital feature of managing your reputation online. We’ll show you how to use them as a powerful promotion tool for your property.

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Social media master plan

Harness the power of social media to promote your property. We’ll show you how to use them to drive customer engagement and brand awareness.

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Our goal is to deliver reservations for your property, so our pricing is simple.

We charge a commission of 15% of the revenue we deliver as a direct result of our digital marketing. In other words, when our marketing delivers an online reservation, we share 15% of the revenue. No reservations, no cost to you.

A done-for-you solution and you only pay us for the results that we achieve for you.  Contact us for details on how we measure the impact and reach of our marketing of your hotel.

No contracts. No risk. No minimum time period. 

See how Rapid Tempo’s 4-tier package compares to hiring a web designer or agency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Rapid Tempo and the Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s) that my property is listed in?
We only promote your property, not your competitors. When a guest views your properties page on an OTA, it’s side by side with your competitors – comparing them directly by price, guest ratings or location. And if the guest decides to book with a competitor, the OTA still gets paid.
With Rapid Tempo, when someone searches for your property, they find your property alone, not  your competitors.

What if I already have a website?
No problems. Your current website will remain unchanged.
We’ll build your custom-designed mobile-friendly website at another address. Our 4 tier package won’t change what you currently have in place.

Are there any contracts? What happens if I decide I don’t want the 4-pillar package?
No contracts – we’ll send an email proposal and our agreement can be cancelled at any time. Of course we know you’ll love the package, but if you change your mind we’ll just turn off the advertising and take down your customised website. The social media profiles and reviews package are yours to keep.
No contract. No risk. No minimum time period.

Do I need to be able to take bookings on my website? What if my guests currently send me an email enquiry and I take their booking manually?
We believe that a booking engine is crucial – if guest wants to book a room, you should get the reservation instantly.
If you don’t already use a booking engine, we can recommend one based on your needs.

How does your pricing system work?
At the end of the month, we isolate the reservations made specifically through our marketing program (and your new website), and adjust for any cancellations. Your invoice will show which of your reservations come directly from our marketing.